Classic 1980’s comedy horror is alive and well in this over-the-top and wildly-funny feature that pays homage to the campy grindhouse films of that era. In this stylized twist re-worked for the digital age, five sexy NYC millennials head into farm country for a feel-good Thanksgiving weekend, only to get caught up in the middle of a bloody family mess.




This is an ENUFF Productions Film. 

Produced by Javier E. Gomez, Luciana Faulhaber and Lindsay Eshelman. Directed by Luciana Faulhaber. Written by Jessica Boucher and Danielle Killay. Associate Producers Daniel Shaw and Jessica Boucher. Director of Photography Sebastian Nieves. Sound Design and Score by Thiago Tiberio. Costume Design by Bruna Mebs. Art Direction by Sean Cesar. Practical Effects by Eduardo Naves.  


Luciana Faulhaber as Lorena / Javier E. Gomez as Sebastian
Lindsay Eshelman as Nicole / Jeff Berg as Ted
Curtis K. Casi as Alex / Hailey Haisick as Sherri Baby
Jarrod Robbins as Kelly/ Spike Lee as set dog



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